Jumat, 14 November 2008

bali eh suh saeng gin il (what happened in bali)

01. Title I. yok mang eh dut (Dream In Bali/Hip-Hop Ver.)(Inst.)
02. Remember - Oh Hyun Ran
03. ahn dwe get ni - Cho Eun
04. geu ge sarang ee ni gga - Angelo
05. My Love - Lee Hyun Sup
06. The Bali Story (Piano)(Inst.)
07. Remember (Violin)(Inst.)
08. geu ge sarang ee ni gga (string & Piano)(Inst.)
09. My Love (Guiter)(Inst.)
10. ahn dwe get ni (Violin)(Inst.)
11. The Way - Angelo
12. The Way (Guitar)(Inst.)
13. Title II. Love in Bali (Latin Ver.)(Inst.)

additional songs
Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety
(in episode 3, the song played in the bar's background, where Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub was drinking and practically baiting each other)

Jean - Over Me
(song that played in episodes 10 and 19, when Jae Min is having drinks in a bar, first with In Wook and then with his brother)

Seo Taiji - 10 wol 4 il
(in episode 14/15 when Lee So Jung was treated by Jung jae Min at Boutique)

ki seu hal gga yo? (first kiss)


01. Love Is All Around - Yurisangja
02. On My Lips Every Kiss Is - Lesley Garrett
03. You'll Never Never Know - Platters
04. we noon bak ee mool go gi sarang
05. Yun Hwa eh theme
06. jja jang myun sal in sa gun
07. Sing Sing Sing
08. choo uk - Park Ji Yoon
09. Kyung Hyun eh theme
10. On The Sunny Side Of The Street-Orchestra
11. Twilight Time - 2:45 - Platters
12. sarang eh theme (Jazz Version)
13. Yun Hwa eh dok baek
14. Lush Life - Joe Henderson
15. Try to Remember - Yang Hee Eun
16. Kyung Hyun eh dok baek
17. sarang eun uhn je na - Choi Ji Woo
18. sarang eh theme (Ending / Classic Version)

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